how to write a gorgeous summary

Why is this subject important?

Reports and records are often difficult to navigate. What most of us want is a simple, concise overview of a report or case file: this is where the summary steps in. However, too often summaries are not summaries at all – they are too long, detailed and fail to do their job.

How will this course help me?

This highly interactive, hands-on course explores what makes for a good summary – be it a stand-alone summary, a summary as part on ongoing casework or as part of a larger report. It will show you what information should make it into a summary – and what shouldn’t. Through developing your analytical thinking and confidence you will then learn how to express that information clearly and concisely for maximum impact.

What will I learn?   You will learn how to:
  • understand the purpose of a summary;
  • pick out the important issues;
  • get to grips with the role of summaries in case work;
  • write a summary in one page or less;
  • choose the right words; and
  • remember the target audience.

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