independent case file audits

We have just completed a three-year contract independently auditing a large city council’s adult social care files – and have in each year produced five reports (for different sections of the service) and an overview report. It has convinced us that we can really make a difference by being outsiders on the inside.

We don’t carry out the usual you-haven’t-ticked-that-box type of audit. We are all about the quality of the recording and the quality of the writing. We do not focus on where things are wrong but highlight where they are right; and challenge constructively when we felt it isn’t. We also give examples on what records could look like.  We look at how central is the child’s or service user’s voice; we look at the quality of assessment, analysis and judgements; the approach to risk and safeguarding; the use of plain English and avoidance of jargon; the understanding of outcomes; and, perhaps most important, we look at the “humanness” in recording.

Our reports can be the springboard to improvements and more effective, analytical and person-centred (“human”) recording.  As one service manager said: “I thought the auditors had done really well in providing positive, constructive feedback on a wide range of specific cases, valuing the good practice evidenced whilst at the same time giving a clear critique of the themes they focused on. This approach was refreshing and welcome and in contrast to what we are often subjected to.”

“We have finally got auditors who are doing it the way it should be.”

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