advanced court skills

being an impressive witness

How will this course help me?

We show the options available to learners in court and discuss people’s roles. We look at pre-proceedings preparation to help in acquiring essential knowledge of the judicial case management procedures. We consider what is, and what is not, evidence; and how to deliver oral evidence through cross-examination. Learners will investigate a complex case and come to their own conclusions about what orders, if any, they should apply for. Selected learners are then individually cross-examined by an experienced barrister and judge. The course is suitable for all staff irrespective of role and experience.

What will I learn?   You will learn how to:
  • understand the law and guidance;
  • understand the structure and proceedings of different courts;
  • know what is expected by the Courts and Judges and Magistrates;
  • understand pre-proceedings – planning and preparing your evidence
  • know what constitutes evidence – and how to justify your practice;
  • using notes, records and reports;
  • deliver oral evidence in a clear and concise manner;
  • cope with cross-examination – including how to deal with body language, nerves and the techniques used to discredit you as a witness; and  
  • know how what makes for an impressive witness.

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