getting those assessments write!

Why is this subject important?

Research shows that practitioners are extremely effective in collecting information for assessments. However, information alone, no matter how well it has been gathered or recorded, does not constitute an assessment. It is only when the information recorded has been subjected to analysis by the practitioner that it becomes an assessment.

How will this course help me?

This course, using real assessments, will take you through the practical steps of writing an effective assessment. It looks at planning, word choice, analysis, how to reach conclusions, creating well-formed and specific outcomes, and care planning. But, most important, it looks to provide you with the confidence to write effective assessments.

What will I learn?   You will learn how to:
  • plan effectively;
  • write analytically;
  • write well;
  • decide what is relevant;
  • draw out conclusions;
  • form outcomes;
  • create plans; and
  • include the voice of the child or service user.

do the write thing:  (e)