effective supervision

Why is this subject important?

In an industry poll, 90% of adult social care workers say they need professional supervision at work at least once a month but the reality is that only 40% receive such support once every two months or less, with 11% never or rarely receiving it. Supervision is an important right and benefit for your staff. It is the main way in which you monitor and review the work of your staff but also ensures that staff are properly supported and continue to develop their skills.

How will this course help me?

At the end of the course we want you to feel confident as a supervisor – that you understand the need for supervision, its process, the shared responsibility with the supervisee and make the most practical and effective use of you and your staff’s time, especially in the context of increased workload.

What will I learn?   You will learn how to:
  • provide supportive and safe supervision in innovative, reflective and effective ways;
  • balance effectively, within a climate of increased workloads, the three strands of supervision: line management, professional supervision and continuing professional development;
  • understand the focus of supervision is on learning which mainly takes place through reflection on actual work;
  • see yourself as your supervisee’s “manager of learning”; and
  • lead by example through setting supervision objectives and agreeing supervision contracts or agreements.

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